Teeth whitening

Whitby Dental Practice offers teeth whitening at a very high standard with fantastic results. We are based in our practice in Ellesmere Port where we perform tooth whitening for clients from all over Cheshire, Wirral and Merseyside.

Are you concerned about the appearance of your teeth? Have you noticed that you don’t smile as much, due to feeling self conscious? Are your teeth stained from coffee, tea, colas, tobacco or red wine?

Here at Whitby Dental Practice we can solve those problems for you. A simple procedure involving the tray teeth whitening system operating within EU guidelines will transform your smile.

The tray teeth whitening system will dramatically enhance your smile. Teeth whitening is a totally safe procedure, which more and more people are undertaking in their search for beautiful smiles. Understandably, we see many of our patients smiling with added confidence safe in the knowledge that their teeth are looking terrific!

Whether you are based in Cheshire, the Wirral or Merseyside, call us for a consultation in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly surgery. Any one of our highly qualified staff will be able to explain the full procedure of tooth whitening in a clear and confident manner.